Build Trust Faster With A Security Status Page

Put your customers at ease with a security status page that communicates your security program readiness

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Organize and keep your security program details up to date

Intuitive editing and expert guides help you clearly communicate your security program details to prospective customers. Contents of the page have been validated with the CISOs of top SaaS purchasers. What usually takes hours to put together, now takes 30 minutes with SafeBase.

Enhance your sales funnel

You don’t have insight into who's viewing your security information. These become missed sales opportunities.
See which customers care about your security program by granting them access to view material information on your security status page. A low effort and informative way to improve your sales funnel.

Customize and Automate

Customize your security status page with your company logo and an easy re-direct to your designated URL. SafeBase provides tailored automation to guide your customers through crucial steps in the security review process including invitations to view your status page, prompts to upload their security questionnaire, and update notifications on the status of the review process.

Easily Communicate Your Security Status

Just like ReadMe, Recko, and Termius

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