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Show the world how your company handles security. Equal parts credibility builder and sales lead generator.

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Send a custom invite link to a client and set up a secure communication channel to work through the security assessment process together.

Power through security assessments 10x faster

Using information from your status page and past security assessments, SafeBase auto-fills new security assessments with confidence.

High-Converting, High-performing.

  • Convert traffic into quality leads and sales
  • Understand customer intent with custom analytics
  • Integrations to help you work faster
  • Clean and modern design
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"SafeBase helped us take our security program to the next level and has proven to be extremely marketable."

Kait Sephens
CEO & Founder, Found

Better Security.
Much Better Sales.

  • Single source of truth for your security program
  • Secure document storage
  • One place for all security-related communications
  • Easy reporting that works with your existing tools
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"The SafeBase platform helped us speed through the sales process. It completely changed the way we approached security assessments."

Vijay Rajasekhar, CEO & Founder, AIRx Health

"When my customers started asking about our security practices, I pointed them at our SafeBase security status page. What would've taken weeks of back and forth meetings to resolve was simply a non-issue from the beginning."

Ankith Harathi
CEO & Founder Macro

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