SafeBase bridges the gap between your teams and harnesses your security program to close deals faster.

Trusted By Leading Companies

Single source of truth

The Security Status Page is where your company comes together to access, update, and review the details of your security program.

Customizations abound

SafeBase makes it easy to keep your corporate identity consistent with a range of customizations that allow it fit with your brand identity.

Market your security

Show the world how your company handles security. SafeBase makes it easy to fine-tune viewing permissions and publish your status page. Equal parts credibility builder and sales lead generator.

Automated workflows

Kick off an automated workflow by inviting customers to view your security status page. SafeBase takes over to help you solicit feedback on your security program, request a security questionnaire, and speed through the assessment process once the customer engages.

Power through security assessments 10x faster

Using information from your status page and past security assessments, SafeBase auto-fills the security questionnaires uploaded by your customers to save you time on this repetitive task.

Automation for every step of the way

  • Automated NDA workflow for privileged access
  • Speed through assessments using smart auto-fill
  • Event-driven notifications to set the pace of progress
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SafeBase has a set of automation features tailored to make life easier for all stakeholders involved in the security assessment process. Our system can act on behalf of involved parties to provide the relevant information to move the process forward.

Bridge the gap between IT and Sales

  • Single source of truth for security programs
  • Organized in industry-standard categories
  • Universal search for quick access to knowledge
  • Detailed edit history to help identify changes
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The SafeBase Security Status Page is a tool that organizes your security program for easy sharing between internal teams and external customers. Granular permission settings allow admins to control who can view, edit, and share the information stored on the page.

"The SafeBase platform helped us speed through the sales process. It completely changed the way we approached security assessments."

Vijay Rajasekhar
CEO & Founder AIRx Health

Built on proven industry standards

SafeBase is a member of the Cloud Security Alliance - the preeminent industry group that defines the standards for secure cloud computing.
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