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About SafeBase

The rise of Software as a Service (SaaS) as a form of delivery has upended how enterprises purchase and use software solutions. It is under this context that SafeBase was founded. With these changes come new opportunities to streamline the sales process.

The company was founded in the midst of uncertainty and continues to thrive as the world around us rapidly changes. We are proud of those that strive to challenge the status quo and exist to find innovative ways to solve problems.

We are excited for what the future holds for enterprise software and will hold ourselves to the highest standards for product development in order to deliver best-in-class solutions to our customers. Join us on our journey to make the world a more secure place.

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SafeBase operates on a basis of trust and integrity

We dream big

Our vision will take tremendous effort and will power to realize. But we aren't afraid to go after it. And neither should you be.

We lift each other up

Our people are some of the most passionate in the industry and we do our best work when we join forces for a common goal.

We celebrate diversity

We believe that diverse teams make up the best companies and build the best products.